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Standard Page Format

Web pages are an extremely useful format for many different purposes. If possible, I think it's best to stick to the most widely used standards. This format may be UTF-8 encoded , Strict XHTML 1.1 with CSS1 . The file may contain an American English (en-US) web page, valid in the strict XHTML 1.1 language, encoded in UTF-8. It may also contain a fun visual style for the page, in the CSS1 language. Entire jobs may be distributed in single ZIP files . The zip may contain web pages and atom feeds . An atom feed can include a good record of the whole project. Share your comments!

How to Have Fun at Work

I realized that enjoying our work can be almost as good of an incentive as money. Computer programming should be fun. When it is, the programs end up much better. As we work together, I thought I'd post about our work every now and then. We'll talk about how to work in a way we can enjoy it.