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3 digit for loop

Would you believe that this is almost exactly the same as some JavaScript code that I found, that somebody actually wrote? Tell me, what's wrong with this code? Could you think of any more concise way to write it? All we need is the highest version number we can use to create the activex object without throwing an exception. var curr = -1; for (var n1 = 1; n1 >= 1 && curr == -1; --n1) { for (var n2 = 9; n2 >= 0 && curr == -1; --n2) { for (var n3 = 9; n3 >= 0 && curr == -1; --n3) { for (var n4 = 9; n4 >= 0 && curr == -1; --n4) { for (var n5 = 9; n5 >= 0 && curr == -1; --n5) { var version = "" + n1 + n2 + n3 + "_" + n4 + n5; try { var versioned = new ActiveXObject( "JavaPlugin." + version); curr = new Number( "" + n1 + n2 + n3);

Extreme Driving (XD)

If you've never heard of Extreme Programming (XP) , you probably just won't get it. As a matter of fact, you might not get it anyway, but that's ok. XD is a deliberate and disciplined approach to driving motor vehicles. If everybody just tries to drive whatever way, it will take longer to get anywhere, and there's more of a danger of a crash. That's why you must have and follow a driving methodology . First of all, it's absolutely essential to have lots of "Call Up Meetings," which involve everybody calling and talk to each other on cellphones while driving. Never drive without them. "Collective Mechanical Ownership" is another critically important concept of XD. It means that any driver must have access to change the mechanics in the vehicle at any time. So if one person wants to get in and rewire the starter, or another person decides to change the spark plugs, there doesn't have to be centralized oversight of all that. And don't