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Software Development Portfolio

Here are a few examples, to demonstrate a little bit of our past software development work:
Well-Being Ideas Software Demo: A cloud-based, Web 2.0, social networking, SaaS application, adapted from the Open Source Pligg CMS (Developed while employed at a corporation)Pligg CMS Contributions: I became a member of the official Pligg development team, and I was cited for significant contributions to the latest version (Contributed while employed at a corporation)PTL: Web-to-Desktop Application Framework (Incomplete)Walk In The Light™: Screenshot E-Mailer in Java (Incomplete)(Many of our past software development projects are not available in our public portfolio, right now. Some projects are unavailable because we developed them for private clients, or because they are components of more complex applications.)

Web Design Portfolio

For the purpose of demonstrating some of our web design abilities, here are some web sites that we have designed. We have used technologies including Blogger, WordPress, Dreamweaver, The GIMP, Picasa Web Albums, and code in XHTML/CSS and JavaScript:
Exposition 101 PodcastVital Signs Ministries Resources
(Someone else has modified some aspects of this web site, since we designed it.)Willow Pond - Bed & Breakfast (Widescreen Website)Building Energy Solutions (Archived)Dr. Gerald R. Wagner
Director, Institute for Wellbeing Management
(Please note that some aspects of these web sites may have been designed to detailed specifications, so that some of the contents and formatting, which were specifically requested by the clients, may not be a complete representation of our unique methods and abilities.)