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Guiding device usage: This App makes it a Snap

If you are a parent you might desire to be aware of what your children are doing on their electronic devices, so that you can provide guidance to help them develop good habits. In that, you would not be alone: "Surveys, including by the Pew Research Center, have found that two-thirds of parents check their children’s digital footprints..." * Let me cut to the chase. Serafino Software™ is offering a product called Snap Screen™ which will take pictures of what is on your children's displays at somewhat random times and sends them to you to help you be aware of what they are doing so that you can provide guidance to help them develop good habits. This way, they can know that what they are doing could be observed any time Snap Screen™ is running. But, it also saves you time because you won't have to be there watching what they are doing the whole time. Snap Screen™ does not limit the number of devices to supervise. It supports supervising from the web and currently su

The Difference Between a Mock and a Stub

Context of Modeling Assumptions As you may recall , a unit test is sequence of instructions to run an automated test against an isolated unit of software code. A unit test may be considered to have these three phases: Modeling the assumptions Exercising the unit of code Verifying the acceptance criteria Aside : This fits in nicely with the scrum agile framework, because a developer could theoretically develop one unit test for each user story. Each user story should already include concise details for assumptions and acceptance criteria. It is particularly critical to model the assumptions before exercising the unit of code. The assumptions  are the details of external factors that influence a unit's operation. It is important to call out the external assumptions to keep those distinct from the functionality of the unit itself. If a developer tries to write a unit test without modeling the assumptions, when they attempt to exercise the unit of code, they will also be exer