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What We're About

About Us

Mission Statement:

We provide a product to make high performing software developers happy by giving them a chance to work in a more self-directed way on software that is more meaningful to them.

Core Values (in priority order):

  1. Integrity: Honesty, trustworthiness, and faithfulness
  2. Preparation: Research, planning, and goals
  3. Reputation: Branding, naming, presence, and networking
  4. Profitability: Product sales
  5. Production: Product development, ideas, online content
  6. Improvement: Research and training
  7. Support: Minimal overhead

Who We Are

Isaac Serafino is a Software Architect in Omaha, Nebraska. He has a strong experience developing technology solutions. He has long had the dream to lead his own startup business.

Our Products

  • Snap Screen™
    More efficiently provide a safe environment for using electronic devices. Sends pictures of what is on the display at somewhat random times so user knows they could be observed at any time, but the supervisor does not need to be their watching over their shoulder the whole time. Good, for example, for parents supervising their children, managers supervising employees, and conscientious users desiring accountability. Currently supports Windows, Linux, and Mac. Standard version supports up to 1000 free screen snaps per month. Premium version costs $5 per month.
  • Idea Site™
    Browse through interesting ideas for businesses and products related to software technology. Collaborate by commenting and suggesting ways to improve the ideas. Includes ideas related to cloud computing, drones, virtualization, mobile apps, security, automation, and more.

Developing Now

  • Shared Project Market
    IP (Intellectual Property) is a great asset but it is hard to produce well. We hypothesize that a market to facilitate shared projects would make it easy to produce IP better.


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